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Nature Portfolio > invertebrates > arachnids > spiders
Daddy-long-legs Spider, Jumping Spider, Black Widow, House Spider, Orb-web Spider, Big-jawed Spider, Nursery-web Spider, Crab Spider, Wolf Spider, Rain Spider, Tarantula, Gnaphosid
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Reference NumberEnglish NameScientific NamePhoto Details:Native
Largest Image Size Available (in pixels)Click Thumbnail for Preview
Description LocalityCountryContinent
jb 0004Daddy-long-legs SpiderPholcus phalangioideshanging from ceiling--EuropeEurope1500 x 1000 Pholcus phalangioides
jg 0023Jumping SpiderPhidippus audaxclose-up macro showing eyescaptive--North America3300 x 2200
more photos of Jumping Spiders
Phidippus audax
bj 0889Black Widow SpiderLatrodectus hesperusfemale on webSouthern CaliforniaUSANorth AmericaNorth America900 x 600 Black Widow Spider
ip 0001House SpiderTegenaria sppclose-up macro of female head-on showing eyesPortland, DorsetEnglandEuropeEurope1750 x 1000
more photos of House Spiders
House Spider
en 0321Garden Cross Spider
(orb-web spider family)
Araneus diadematuson web ventral viewRuislip, MiddlesexEnglandEuropeEurope3300 x 2200
more photos of Orb-web Spiders
Araneus diadematus
am 0002Golden Web Spider
(big-jawed spider family)
Nephila maculatahuge female with tiny maleBoholPhilippinesAsiaAsia4500 x 3000
more photos of Big-jawed Spiders
Nephila maculata
dp 0012Raft Spider Dolomedes fimbriatusfemale head-onThursley, SurreyEnglandEuropeEurope3300 x 2200
more photos of Nursery-web Spiders
Dolomedes fimbriatus
jb 0001Crab Spider Thomisus onustuson purple flower--EuropeEurope3300 x 2200
more photos of Crab Spiders
Thomisus onustus
mh 0412Wolf SpiderPardosa lugubrisfemale on leaf carrying egg sacLaughton Forest, LincolnshireEnglandEuropeEurope1500 x 1000
more photos of Wolf Spiders
Wolf Spider
pm 0202Rain Spider (Huntsman Spider)Palystes sppnest suspended in bushes-South AfricaAfricaAfrica1500 x 1000 Rain Spider
ab 0245Tarantula-legs emerging from burrow-GuatemalaCentral AmericaCentral America900 x 600 Tarantula
ip 0083Gnaphosid spiderDrassodes lapidosusphoto of specimen from abovePortland, DorsetEnglandEuropeEurope600 x 400 Drassodes lapidosus
ks 0728--web covered in dewGalapagos IslandsEcuadorSouth AmericaSouth America1500 x 1000 web with dew

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